Our Values

Our corporate focus is on your success, not our income. Why? Successful clients stay and successful clients refer. We know the money will follow us in our integrity.


Caring is a way of life at Capacity Marketing. We care about our clients and our people. We care about our work, our reputation, and our communities.


To achieve a high level of performance for our clients, we are candid about the findings. Research, objectivity and truth are our super powers, and it is candor that brings these powers to life.


We need to know. Know the truth, know the facts, know what gets you a return on your marketing spend.


Competence creates confidence, but it is the ultimate level of confidence, when you are able to stand in truth about who you are and what you stand for.

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Our Story

One partner started as a market research consultant spending weeks researching trends and competitors to find the secret sauce to growth and ROI. He owed it to his clients to follow through by partnering with a marketing executive who could execute on the findings. Together they formed Capacity Marketing, a firm whose agenda is to retain and grow its clients by making sure their marketing works.

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Our services

Capacity is a comprehensive marketing firm with deep roots in research and management consulting. Our methodology and objectivity allows us to make an impact on any company in any industry. We use our resources to keep our clients... not constantly look for new ones.

  • Matt Dorcas – Managing Partner
  • Matt Dorcas – Managing Partner

    Capacity Marketing is led by Matt Dorcas out of the Hudson Valley, just outside New York City. Dorcas, an award-winning marketing professional, has worked in the field for more than two decades. He has been singular in his commitment to both quality and community, dedicating years of hard work to bring world-class marketing to his clients.

    Matt’s focus as Managing Partner is on creative direction, business development, and client retention.

  • Eric Egeland - Partner
  • Eric Egeland - Partner

    Eric has been advising clients on successful marketing for 18 years. His firm Capacity Consulting has conducted marketing research and strategic marketing plans for clients of every size, from the United Way to a single restaurant.

    Egeland created the business plan for Capacity Marketing in 2013 but didn’t find the right creative partner until almost 6 years later.

    Eric’s focus in Capacity Marketing is on research, operations, finance, and human resources.

  • Jen Cassaro – Project Manager
  • Jen Cassaro – Project Manager

    Jen started her marketing journey with a dual BA in journalism and television & radio communications from SUNY Cortland. She then worked in the field of medical videography before starting her own company in 1994.

    Jen has managed over 1,000 projects and is an accomplished cinematographer and editor.

    Jen’s focus is on pleasing our clients.

  • Martyna Triggs – Lead Research Analysist
  • Martyna Triggs – Lead Research Analysist

    Martyna received her Bachelor of Science in English Secondary Education, from East Stroudsburg University, PA and has taught in public schools. She is dedicated to giving back and spends a lot of her time volunteering for things such as HOPE – Heroin and Opioid Prevention and Education and hurricane relief efforts in Florida; both keeping her up on how vital coordination is between local governments and non-profit institutions.

    Martyna’s focus is on the research we do to ensure our clients get a return on their marketing investment.

  • John Bell – Business Development, NJ
  • John Bell – Business Development, NJ

    John Bell is a seasoned professional with over 20 years sales and marketing experience. Prior to Capacity, John was Managing Director of a M&A advisory firm and was also a marketing consultant. He has a BA from Seton Hall University. His industry experience includes: marketing and public relations, financial services, and manufacturing.

    John’s focus is on influencing and align key stakeholders, and inspire groups to collaborate and work effectively.

  • Patti Devine – Digital Strategist
  • Patti Devine – Digital Strategist

    Patti holds an MBA from Fordham University and worked in consumer marketing and customer retention for Time Magazine's 4 million subscribers. She teaches marketing and entrepreneurship to undergraduate and graduate business students at Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business. Her student teams have won numerous awards and honorable mentions in the national direct marketing competition.

    Patti focuses on audience development and retention, strategic planning, marketing campaign management, and internal conversion training.

  • Jason Riley Hoss - Photography
  • Jason Riley Hoss - Photography

    Jason Riley Hoss is an international portrait and headshot photographer whose career blossomed through his involvement in the film industry. He considers that experience an invaluable tool that has allowed him to work in all forms of the art by providing him with an array of different perspectives and mechanics. Jason produces dramatic and inspiring images with his unique ability to tell a story with a single photograph. By specializing in both natural and artificial lighting techniques, it allows his creative ambitions to remain limitless and not adhering to one style.

    Jason’s focus is on… focusing.

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